Summer is the right time to change your look. Getting a makeover done instantly builds up your confidence level and changes up your mood. And what’s better than getting a hair color done.  All of our Instagram feed is filled up with those amazing hair color pictures with #hairgoals. We all see them and always think of getting those cool hair color done. If you are someone who is ready for a change and loves trying out new stuff, then 2018 is your year and here I tried listing out the best hair color trends and styles that you must try out this season.


  1. Buttered Rose gold hair

Buttered Rose Gold is a mix of metallic pink and slight yellowish blonde tones. This is such a gorgeous color. It’s so pretty, chic, and simple at the same time. It goes well with any kind of look. It can be called as a wearable version of rose. This hair color is loved by people who likes subtle and calm shades.


  1. Mermaid blue hair

This hair color trend is getting better and better by every year. It is such a gorgeous shade of blue and gives you a lot mermaid vibes. It is kind of a smoky shade of blue. You can paint your whole hair with this mermaid blue or else you can just opt for the blue highlights. Both for these options look stunning.


  1. Auburn hair color

If you are someone who cannot commit to go full red with hair, but still likes to have that little tint of red then rich auburn hair color can be your choice. Light strands of red going all over with deep brown richness at the base will be something that you’ll absolutely love. It suits almost every skin tone.


  1. Burnt Orange hair color

Burnt orange is a color that not a bright orange but can be called something like a blackish orange and it just looks stunning on all types of skin tones. This hair trend has got orange highlights going all over with a black or a deep brown base. This feels so good during summers.


  1. Ultra violet hair

Pantone chose Ultra violet as the color of the year for 2018 and none of us can deny about how gorgeous this color looks as a hair color. It is so funky and so chic. Instagram has been going crazy with these ultra violet hair posts and they all look so good. If you are someone who like dare and play with your look then you can consider going violet with whole hair. Or else you opt for these electrifying ultra violet highlights with jet black as a base color.


  1. Purple to Blonde

If you are someone who likes to play safe with hair colors but still want to look stylish and chic, then you must consider getting this hair color done. This is such an amazing hair color trend. Starting off with jet black at the base and then gradually coming to purple in the middle and finally going blonde at the roots is the best way to describe this hair color trends. This hair trend is very unique but will definitely work for all types of skin tones.

  1. Bronde hair trend

This is again another gorgeous hair color idea. The name Bronde is given to the hair that has a mix of deep brown and blonde tones. This hair color gives a sun kissed look and is a great option for spring and summers. It looks even greater on a bob or a lob.


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