Home Cook Taste up your Sunday with pork cooked with elephant apple.

Taste up your Sunday with pork cooked with elephant apple.


Sunday should be declared as the official cooking day. That’s the only day in the week which the whole family gathers or the loved ones and cook have a quality time together. Basically this day is a only time we spent time in things we love. Cooking is love and food is the ultimate love one can have. This day we spent the day cooking what we love, pork with elephant apple. Pork is love and is cooked in various ways. Pork lovers cannot miss any of its dish. So this is one among the relishing dish you cannot afford to miss. Lets check what all are required for the dish.

1/2 kg. Pork, half of éléphant apple, ginger garlic paste,mustard oil, masalas, salt and coriander.

First of all be sure to boil the pork for at least 15 min. This is must before you cook pork. Than after boiling it keep it aside. Heat a cooking bowl with mustard oil, just a little bit. Add onions fry till it gets a brownish colour. After that add the ginger garlic paste and fry it. Slowly add the masalas and mix well. Add the pork and chopped elephant apple and add salt. Fry it well, slowly add hot water to it and keep the gas in simmer and let it boil. Check it time wise until the pork and the elephant apple gets soft and the gravy gets thicker to the proportion you want it. Turn off the gas and add chopped coriander. Serve hot with rice.

This was my family weekend dish. Want something special for your weekend, garb the items and prepare your family and spend some qualityvtime together. Food is always a way to celebrate love, and merriment. Isn’t?


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