Summer is killing me, yeah not only me but also you guys.

We all know remedies which will help us beat the heat. But then most of us are really lazy to go in this stiflingly hot weather.

Now let’s do a bit of research about ice cream.


It’s a sweetened frozen dessert. It is usually made from dairy products mainly milk and cream.

It’s typically eaten as a snack or dessert often combined with fruits, nuts and other ingredients and flavours.

Yes, our ice cream stands in our “first thing to put on the grocery list”  List.

People think that ice cream when prepping will be a milkshake rather than ice cream.

No worries your next test or experiment for your ice cream prep will be a full success.

Step 1

Ok simple ingredients, firstly take a bowl and mix you’ve desired tastes like fruits, nuts, melted chocolate and etc etc, and then add double or heavy cream.

Step 2 

In case you are the sweet guy, add castor sugar to your mixture, bit of flavouring like vanilla essence can suit up. Now add sweetened condensed milk and mix it really really well.

Step 3

Now your mixture is ooey gooey and perfect. Transfer the container to the refrigerator and chill for 4hours. Yes, you and the ice cream.


That’s it, folks, you have a perfect recipe for ice cream and you need to own a machine for that.

All you need to do is , remember these ingredients when you go for your grocery shopping


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