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Whats all that with online shopping?


Whats all that with online shopping?
We are living in a generation wherein every work is done with the help of our finger tips. Whether it be ordering food from outside to sending an important message to somebody or buying clothes, houses for rent  or any other material by just pressing few button on our phones and doing all this which consumes less effort, by just comfortably sitting in our homes.
Have you ever wondered, if our previous generation were to come back to this generation that we are presestly living in witnessing all this? i’m sure they would be suprised and definitely shock.  we have evolved alot from what e were to what we are, from how we used to work then and how we work now… talking about online shopping, approx 80% of the population uses or might have used this thing called “online shopping.”  More than 4 percent of Americans admit that they have made an online purchae while at social gathering.
Online shopping is nothing but a person buying things online without even putting alot of efforts. Once a person buys something online, he/she is attracted to buying things online always rather than shopping it in person. It is the most convenient thing to do. with online shopping what happens is any busy person could also shop without him taunting himself that he is wasting alot of time, whereas when it comes to person to perwon shopping a busy person would feel the burden to actually step out of his house, then choose a locality from where he wants to buy, that includes expenses like lunch or travelling plus the energy that he/she has to put. online shopping is one of the smartest thing that a peron has invented. imagine the amount of time you save, the energy also the other expenses. online shopping has eveloved from where it had started. From just a normal cash on dilevery it no has come upto exchange of things, comparison , rating the dilevery, what makes it even more better is that it is an advantage in savings, online shopping offers more dicounts on produtsand deals that you usually dont find it in malls…  The more we are growing in time the more options the online shopping is having and that tells us that it is getting even more better with time!
for me i wouldn’t always encourage my friends to go for online shopping. Online shopping is beter off for those who are busy, those wo have children to look after, those who are on work for ore than 6 hours, it is convient for those… One of the fact that is if you think shopping holidays are geared towards women? your’re wrong… According to a survey, 43% of the men actually claim to shop online during Cyber Monday more than woem that is just 39%.  Also in India, men form the majority among online customers.
Shopping online offers a wide range of variety of advantages for consumers, it is often very cheap, extremely fast and more convenient and the product range that is now available online is virtually infinite.


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