Home Basic “SINCE WHEN”




Since when did you start calling me the stupid one when sometimes you actually forgot that I could have also been the smarter one?

Since when did our 1 hour of random talks turn to just 15 minutes of important work?

Since when did you say that I was good but in your own small world you failed to approve?

Since when did your long text messages of appreciation turn into messages like “K.”

Since when your “can we meet?” turn into “I never want to meet up?”

Since when did you stop seeing the pain in my eyes, and always failed to ask me what they were like?

Since when did your stalking game from being so strong turn into just an unfollow?

Since when was loving me so difficult that you felt like I was the one who was being selfish in always receiving that love?

Since when did your concern turn into ignorance?

Since when did I become an ordinary girl from being your own special girl?

Since when did your Goodnight, sweet dreams turn to just a “GN”?

Since when did your “please wait” turn to just leave?”

No I don’t blame you for anything wrong but could you explain what good I could have done and since when?