Petrol is the primary fuel for today’s world. Without it literally, there’s nothing. But one of the most irking issue with this is its price. Even though its extraction process is complex its it doesn’t mean that its price should be high. In the present situation when a person gets up in the morning to purchase milk, in many instances you can notice that he/she rather going by walk uses vehicle. So at the start of the day itself petrol has been an integral part of our curriculum.

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In previous centuries using vehicles is a luxury. But coming to present trends of the society it has become a necessity. So when we consider the entire price of the fuel it includes many costs namely cost of crude oil, excise duty levied by the central government, customs duty, dealer’s commission and VAT. Recently there was an increase in the price of petrol from ₹80/ltr to ₹82/ltr.

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The rate varies from city to city between 77-82 but there was an increase of ₹2. Even though there was an increase in the prices of the fuel no individual is ready to question but ready to pay for it. Due to the increase in international rates of crude petrol price increases. Also sometimes due to high VAT  incurred on each state the price sees a fluctuation. So government gets profited by imposing more percentage of taxes and duties. Thereby we always tend to see high amount of prices in India.

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With the continuous fluctuations of petrol prices the most effected are the poor and middle class. The rich can bear the increase but people below the rich are the ones who always hope the deterioration in the prices. But to the common experience only hope is left at the fag end. Thus the situation will be changed until a voice is raised against all odds.


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