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Aren’t we all somehow confused about weekends?


A week consisting of seven days out of which five days we spend on every work, school, studies, blah,… Blah…blah…. We eagerly wait for that relaxing weekend to arrive. Those two days are like heaven for us, be lame, careless, carefree nothing to be precisely scheduled. Weekend is what we look forward for a time we can give time for ourselves and just relax.

Weekends and plans are in complicated relationship. They are toghter but never work out. We plan for like wholevday each and everything to make something happening happen. Yes social media do influences us, our stories have a major focus because we need to update it continuously. Why? For others are or might be having some alot more happening things than us you know. So we don’t want to be back with it. Is it are we really having a good time or is it just the stories and updates we are concerned about. Among these we and our definition of having some real fun and enjoyment is lost. Social life has ltooked over our natural self.  The neef for self satisfaction is what matters most. Not having any fancy weekend is not an issue you might not be able to update it. But do what you like that’s what is more important.

You might not have amazing things. But just imagine your favorite T.V show, a pizza by our side, a cozy blanket isn’t that bliss. You don’t need to travel a lot place, go out may be by a riverside, among those roads covered with greenery, that feeling you get that’s is happiness. You like cooking, this are real time to prepare, grab everything you need, serve yourself. Food and cooking is delight. Spend some quality time with those who matter to you, having them by your side , go doing crazy stuff. No pretentious self, only being you. Not everything is sorted but we should learn to be happy in those little things. And trust me those can give you peace no any fancy things can give you. Those feelings and memories will make you happy even long to be there once again.

So weekend is not to be planned, go out do things you would never do. Go crazy because mondays are never far. Have your kind of weekend not for some 24 hours story! Happy weekend.


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