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Angles We Wronged


Did you want to see me broken?
Bowed head and lowered eyes?
Shoulders falling down like teardrops,
Weakened by my soulful cries?
_Maya Angelou
These verses were published 40 years ago. While a nation weeps over her daughters who won’t rise, the four lines seem to carry a meaning close to the weeps. Last few weeks gave off some turbulent realities that we have never been brave enough to admit and correct. Even the propagators of victim blaming had their eyes filled with tears when they picked up their newspapers to know the dark fate of the daughters who were violated every possible way and killed in cold blood. There were no means to justify the actions of some brutal men who had no access to any feelings, even of the beasts. There ought not to be a need to justify too. This was calling for justice for girls who were entitled to the same rights as each one of them. We cannot claim to have more worth than them to live. If someone had the right the life then it was those little girls whom we lost this month to horrific crimes. We are cursed to bask in the permanent night of their horrors.
During times this hard, a nation is supposed to lament its wrongs and indulge in act of penance that will bring justice to our dearest girls and protect the rest from the vultures who wants to see them broken. But what is our nation doing? Using the unfortunate incident for plotting political agenda, shifting blames and humiliating the nation which already suffered fatally is a very dangerous tendency. If it is the failure of somebody then it is the failure of everybody because responsibility towards the people of the nation does not discriminate between ruling and opposition.
What has happened to our men? Why are they indulging in crimes that would be too fearsome to speak of? How is it possible for a human to lose all feelings of humanity? Doesn’t India belong to its women? Is it necessary that every street in our nation have to bear the scars and screams of daughters? Demons more terrifying than those we read in books are now waiting on the streets and temples. Even Gods seem helpless before men of no virtue. Then there are others who come up with statements of support for those who are accused of such crimes. Why are some not getting an idea of how heinous the crime is? It will never help our violated daughters to have us giving communal notions to the barbaric actions. We need laws fit to protect our children from harm. We need to avenge our broken goddesses with strong law enforcement. We have to pay homage to those who pay for our sins and failures by preventing such incidences in our lifetime. We should be teaching our sons and daughters the virtues of life. Let’s prepare our men to stop crimes against our women.
Our children deserve to live in a better place where daughters do not have to be killed when as small as a fetus just because we are no country for them. If it stays so, the blood of the innocent shall be on us and our land. We need to fight until they are all out of the woods. We should not stop until we bright eternal light of safety for our children. We have to strive until every teardrop is avenged with the radiance of children’s laughter. Their pain lasted weeks before they lost the battle, the pain that we experience now should not go before we have made our country fit for the children now and the children to come. That is the least we can do for the angels we wronged.